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What Causes Back Pain?

Back pain can range from aching muscles to a shooting, burning, or stabbing feeling. Most people will experience back pain at some point in their lives. In fact, roughly about 10% of the population consult their doctors and chiropractors about their back pain each year.

Back pain can be caused by different factors including structural problems with the spine, inflammatory conditions, and other medical conditions such as:

Back Pain Treatment Melbourne

There are many different ways that a chiropractor can help with back pain. At your first appointment, we will ask you about your symptoms and medical history. If necessary, we will do a physical examination and may order tests, such as X-rays. Based on our findings, our chiropractors work with you to create a treatment plan specifically for you. This plan may involve one or more of the following:

Can Chiropractic Care Help Back Pain?

When it comes to treating back pain, our Chiropractors take a holistic approach. We look at all aspects of a person’s health including their skeletal alignment, posture, lifestyle, diet, stress levels, and current exercise regime. Once our Chiropractor has performed a thorough examination, we will develop a plan that incorporates one or more of the following strategies if appropriate:

  • Spinal manipulation 
  • Lifestyle adjustments
  • Physical therapy

Chiropractors at Absolute Chiropractic can determine the source of your pain and help you improve your range of motion. In addition to our hands-on treatments, we may also suggest lifestyle advice related to exercise and posture.

Nobody should have to endure constant suffering. You have a variety of options for seeking pain relief and getting back to your regular routines. If you’re looking for a non-invasive treatment option, Chiropractic care may be right for you.

Chiropractic Care For Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is commonly associated with a range of causes, including accidental injuries, prolonged periods of inactivity, underlying health conditions, and structural issues within the spine and bones of the lower back. Our Chiropractors possess a high level of expertise in addressing lower back pain through various techniques, including lower back adjustments, dry needling and rehabilitation.

Chiropractic care has been scientifically validated as an effective method for reducing lower back pain. If you are experiencing lower back pain and are seeking a Chiropractor, book an appointment with Absolute Chiropractic to see how we can help you today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Chiropractors utilise various techniques to treat lower back pain such as lower back adjustments, dry needling, cupping, rehabilitation and soft tissue therapy such as massaging.

Cold weather can lead to tightening of the tendons, muscles, and ligaments that support the spine, causing strain and pain. Here are some essential tips and tricks to help relieve your back pain from cold weather:

  • Engage in regular exercise to promote blood flow
  • Using heat or cold therapy to reduce inflammation and promote blood flow in affected areas
  • Incorporate foods rich in magnesium into your diet, as magnesium can act as a muscle relaxant to help ease tension in the muscles.

Pregnancy can cause a lot of physical changes in a woman’s body and can lead to a lot of strain on the back. A Chiropractor can help to alleviate this pain through adjustments and other therapies. They can also provide exercises and stretches that can help to strengthen the muscles supporting the spine and reduce the risk of future injuries.

Chiropractic adjustments may be an appropriate and effective option for individuals who are experiencing persistent back pain. These adjustments can offer a range of benefits, such as:

  • Supporting the management of blood pressure
  • Alleviating neck and lower back pain
  • Assisting with scoliosis
  • Relieving sciatica
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Improving neurological conditions
  • Supporting the management of vertigo

If you are dealing with acute or chronic back pain, it can significantly impact your daily life. Schedule an appointment with us today and get your Chiropractic adjustments with one of our spine specialists.

Dry needling is an emerging treatment that aims to alleviate muscle pain caused by trigger points, or small areas of muscle tissue that have become tight and painful. This therapy involves the use of thin needles that are inserted into the trigger points in order to release tension and improve blood flow to the affected area. By doing so, dry needling can help to relax tight muscles and reduce pain, particularly in the back or neck. 

Both Chiropractors and Osteopaths use manual therapy techniques to diagnose and treat musculoskeletal conditions, however, they have some differences in their approach.

Chiropractors primarily focus on the diagnosis and treatment of neuromuscular disorders, with an emphasis on the spine. They use adjustments, also known as manipulation, to the spine and other joints to help alleviate pain and improve function.

Osteopaths also use manual therapy techniques, but they have a broader scope of practice, which includes the muscles, bones, and joints, as well as internal organs. They work to restore balance and function to the body, and they treat the body as a whole, not just the symptoms.

If you’re suffering from back pain and live in Melbourne, we’re here to provide you with the necessary support and care. Our clinic, located in Broadmeadows, is staffed with highly skilled and experienced Chiropractors and Osteopaths who are dedicated to helping you alleviate your pain and improve your overall well-being. Our practitioners will work with you to develop a personalised treatment plan that addresses your specific condition and helps you to achieve lasting relief. Don’t let back pain control your life any longer, book an appointment with us today and start your journey towards feeling brand new.