Dry needling is the process of using a very fine, sterile filament needles to treat trigger points on the body. All needles are single use needles and are disposed of after each use.

Trigger points are tight bands of muscles also known as muscle knots that produce pain locally and in referred patterns. This condition is also known as Myofascial Pain Syndrome and often accompanies chronic musculoskeletal disorders.

Trigger points can develop in muscle fibers from sustained, repetitive daily activities such as sitting or standing for prolonged periods, excessive bending and lifting of objects at work or at home. Trigger points can also develop as a result of muscle trauma or psychological stress.

Dry Needling works by disrupting these muscle-fiber trigger points, causing a muscle twitch response, and subsequently inducing a relaxation and/or release of those taught muscles. The insertion of needles through the muscle triggers a response from the body to begin repairing the damaged tissue which can result in an increase in blood flow, oxygen, and nutrients, as well as flushing away any additional acidic chemicals that can cause early muscle fatigue.